orlando timeshare offers
orlando timeshare offers

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Magic Kingdom ThemeParkGPS App With Guide Guy

Find Your Way through the Maze of Fun at Magic Kingdom with ThemeParkGPS app.

Disney World is place of joy, magic and wonderful family fun.

However, sometimes stress can sneak into the adventure, especially when it comes to navigating the Magic Kingdom park or keeping track of excited children.

Fortunately, an easy solution has been created to keep up with the fast pace of kids in today’s world.

iPhone & Blackberry Users Just 99 Cents

Available on iPhone and Blackberry for only 99 cents, ThemeParkGPS is an App that makes life a little simpler in the busy world of Magic Kingdom.

Replace the wet and ripped physical paper map with an easy to navigate map of the theme park right on your phone!

Magic Kingdom ThemeParkGPS App

App Features

From the moment you step out of your car, the “guide guy” icon will show and voice exactly how to get from the entrance gate to the must do roller coaster rides the kids have been dying to try out.

Now that the roller coaster is out of the way, the hunt for food ensues.

ThemeParkGPS will guide you directly to the restaurant that will serve food you know your whole family will love.

First though, cash is needed.

Not to worry, guide guy will bring you to the nearest ATM.

Maybe the older children want to adventure off on their own?

Location Tracker

As long as they have the ThemeParkGPS on their iPhone or Blackberry, you can keep track of their location.

Now the sun is beginning to set.

You can count on guide guy to lead you directly back to your car.


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